Homemade Pop Tarts

I’m done with my hiatus! I’ve literally been MIA for about a month. This month has been full of good things and has left me incredibly busy. Let’s do a little recap of this month: I finished up another semester of design school (yay) and started my own business. Yep, it really happened. I officially launch LRA Photography & Design. Seeing this dream come to life still doesn’t feel real!

So that’s why I’ve been missing lately, but today I’m back and ready to share a childhood favorite. Who doesn’t love pop tarts. No really, does anyone NOT love them?? They are so irresistibly good and ridiculously unhealthy. The ingredient list on pop tarts scares me because I can’t say so many of the words. I prefer to not eat things that I can’t pronounce.  Homemade Pop Tarts | The Local Taste So, clearly these are not “healthy”, but you only live once, right? I did however use clean ingredients for the most part (minus the sprinkles!). I used white unbleached flour, organic cane sugar, cage-free eggs, unsweetened almond milk, pure vanilla extract, sea salt, organic confectioners sugar, and butter. The sprinkles could be left off and that would eliminate the use of food coloring, but my husband is obsessed with them…. 

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Refrigerator Organization Tips

Refrigerator Organization Tips|The Local Taste When you cook a lot like I do you pretty much always have a stocked refrigerator and cabinets. I hate reaching into my refrigerator to find a complete and total disaster. I recently started working at The Container Store, but I bought many of these organization items long before I started working there. When it comes to organization bins I’m always willing to pay a little more to get better quality. I’ve gone through entirely too many cheapo baskets in my day, and it’s always worth the few extra bucks!

Here are some tips to help you tackle that nightmare refrigerator:

1. Invest in quality organization bins!

I am totally obsessed with these clear handled storage baskets. They are super sturdy and the handle makes it so easy to pull out the basket from the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. I’ve had mine for over a year and they still look brand new. You can find these here. 


If you prefer a bin without a handle, but with the same sturdiness these bins are fabulous. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit your space perfectly. Find these here. … 

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Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cups

Oh chocolate why must you be SO good? For real though, I am a chocolate addict. Thankfully there are products out there to help make sweets a wee bit healthier for those of us who feel as if we could live solely on dessert. These “faux Reese’s cups”  as I like to call them are made a bit healthier by using dairy-free chocolate chips (Enjoy Life is my favorite brand!), almond milk, and a almond butter + medjool date filling.

sea salt caramel chocolate cups| The Local Taste

Last night I attended my first blogger potluck with two fellow Nashville bloggers, Mary & Brita.  Mary hosted us in her gorgeous East Nashville home where she cooked up Slow-Cooker Chick Pea Curry (a-ma-zing!) and Brita and I brought the dessert. Brita brought some insanely delicious truffles to satisfy my sweet tooth even more. … 

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