Happy Memorial Day sweet friends! Today (and everyday) I’m so thankful to live in a country where people fight for MY freedom. Thank you to all our Veterans out there!

If there is something you MUST know about me it’s that I love all things sweet. Cake, pie, ice cream…yep, I love them all. Obviously I try to limit my sweets intake, but  sometimes you just have to splurge a little. I made my first pie from scratch not too long ago, and it definitely won’t be my last. Pie always reminds me of my grandparents (Ma & Pa) who always have a fresh homemade pie ready when we come to visit. Thanks to the folks at Inspired Taste  for sharing this fabulous recipe.



One thing I love about this recipe is that the filling is primarily blueberries. Blueberries really stand out in this yummy pie. I can’t wait to make this again this summer when fresh local blueberries are available.


Making the crust was surprisingly easy. The folks at Inspired Taste have a super helpful tutorial (complete with a video) to walk you through how to make that fancy lattice crust.


I had a hard time waiting the three hours for my pie to set, so I cut into it a little soon. After it has time to set it is the perfect consistency. Wait 2-3 hours for your pie to firm before cutting (if you’re impatient like me you’ll probably cut too soon).

IMG_3487 I seriously ate a piece of this everyday for 4 days straight. I can’t wait to make my next homemade pie!




Check out this fabulous recipe at The Inspired Taste. 



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